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tv   News  ABC  February 11, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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nds wl busti. day to 3 low 18. 34 tomro w9. pattern mting duringhe d. refreezing a night. through sun monday through tsday the chance of me snow ae'll ju leave it at some. noing lik wt weus. us aroun the aa, you're still going to lan narred in spos cws are trying t best tolearll nes. that'sot at all possible in all places. outeloop frick rd, w do have theight le closed du to hig pil sw. esx, c southard avenuenunlk. s down in the isection th printoulevardndew batt g rd. columbia wesnd rte 32 at 29 andnne arunde county, webound rou 175 o tamp toet oo theorthund lanes of the b pkway closue toebri inhe adwa taki aeekroundtimo ty again folks, theide ets n lking
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s goodn me places. definitelyake ur tim megan a jamie bac to y. wveeen all sorts of sleddi picres a sing vio, but this one ditely put smile on our face. welw iyou again. ittle kid reaming]. >> all right we'll be righ back. stayith .
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>> we've had non-stoourt a ju ofhe blizzard wve bee expeenci for week. no we're doi a second diggt afterwards. >>orter: gd mng a peo are syingn their hos. i' tel you the ppl who are notre the plo tckrivers. ust had o plowing t road on y road. they've done a great job with main roadsighws, there all clear this morng. still have aew icyatches. for th mt pt, you canee the pavement. it thee seets we' dealing th.
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ush, snow cer strts. some seeen't been pwed nce e last storm friday. slushy sff. if you have to go to work today or gout be careful. the's still sno everywhere and y know, when it's colr out, this stu freing. u c slip and fall, when yore i car it doe't me yoummune anythg. take it eas the governor is expected toe an updat for nim headquarters at noon tod. yeerday wn h gavis pre nference he askedeoe t be patient andold them not to expehingoeturo rmal uh, right away. it going to te a coupl days ecover from this massive storm. he inalmore county, we're still dealing with r outas,ut nnythg too d. still about 400 homes i t dark. bge cws hav word to restore 8,000 homes wh per at the height of the storm.
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there were without conditions. it was reay bad out her on a lighter not i want to tell you i enjoyed the video of that littl girloing dnhe hill. so many qstions aut it. iant tonow w dug that lug out fer. wa that her daddy? i'm tnking about doing the me tng withhe snow her we can all com out te a eak inhentime, kids will have a ballith ts sw, eddi today uh schoolsti out. vernment offices still closed. r the mt par it's gngo quiet o. a lot oeopleaveo g to wor theyl b enjoyg the snow today.i just thoughthis amoun of snow would b great. ofourse though you were out andbout thers snow evewhere. when you're dvinguste carel when turningnto roads. u really canee mh when the snow i this h agait girl,he's aucky
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rl. who dug tha out h what great idea. m really tempted to d it he. >> imaginehere a lotfids with cabineverike please, ease. than linda. >>eporter: se, tng >> we'll sen ito mark jones at tta a shat is moving along if anythg ts mornin good mning ohereig now youl mtaocal bus d lightailith service spended for now. mta i aessi condions woing to rtore sce day. metro swa is operating alo the undgrou stationvery 30 mines. the abe grnd staons remain closed at thi te. the's no mc tin o mt comter bus servin any of the lndz today. mta trait inforeis avaibl
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50 this morning basically the city of baltimore said okay, phase haseen lted,ow evybody cano bac on t ros. >> hers jonesy in t cy th all t plows. >>irst resnder braved the city roads i nthwest baltore. en mher ture can't stop neitheorelp in an ergency. thos weed tha help he plows like ts to thanfor clearinghe way. it see local hpitals are making dls as wel >>he hospita is business usua the paties wodn't evennow there's now storm going on. reporter: buteopl who liv
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in the cy have the bac pain to pro thetorm is happenin in feralillome solle e streets taking in tinte nderland. >> at 5:00 ts mningthey sahe pse has bn lifted. here we g wre waing r t s today jti >> he it comes. >>2 hou ae sti had ow. sti had blizzard conditions, we sll had tt nster storm that woulnot let up. sh you a wider view of the satellite, we developed almost an eye in the cter of the storm. basically, hey five sweeps
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across the chepeake. mand's mostowerl doler radar. we'r sounding t alear in ryland. now western myland may get showers io the mounins of garrettnty. wis w be pusng 25 miles pe hour. and lk fwardo an imed setpor t nex cole o days. we' he more details o th fecas cingp in just coup mutes. ay with us wll brigh back after this.
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13 mutes awayrom t top t hou don't worrood mning america will b here a 7:00. we'll give you a break from . eporr:d morniguys i he aittl bitf a break. it looksette out herehis moing. 're still outer igewo off route 2 you c see itver here. we can actually e pavement this morni which isood ing. youon't want to be
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overcoiden little icy cononsnome ots. uant to take it easy. maoads lk much br this morning. e si streetsnd comg out of tse neighrs that's er people will he pblem this rning.this is right here, this is edgewooad, rhte. you can see the sno i packed here. and thi is what y'll be facing a you come outf se those nborhoods a scene li this. packed in snow. ippe sli out tre. this o doesn't look as good as roe 24 oks. you wanto be cef as y head outnd rigow harfordcoty the have 153 people th a sll without per but bge h bn ableo rtore about 15,000 homes wit per. they'v made a lot of pgress. things a looking bter this mog as opped toesteay. portg live in edgewo now back to younhe sdi from eewto d.c ey h rord snowfall, ty ha the same s t same snow and itiled up as well. >>ldn'etund,t are
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yo going to do? hop on you ss. that's wt one rter did >>eporter: a t bliar ps tough dropping atimes o incsf snow an hour, even snowplows were pulled offhe reet f safety now andhen. e impassableoads me the coute into d. all but possible had t sap o cross cntry sk jt to break outfy nehborhood wre my dfts are ruing cht-high well you ca see how gettingut o the neighborhoo is goi to be tough, atest. my ski a bngurien the snow theye t ril-breaking skis. ... i'm ing to kploggg wn tilp her and then, a bchfp hisoo. maybe mak it to the metro outhree miles fmere. rorr: theno h closed schools,ffices meu en some white housetaff members are worki fro hom the wght ohe snowas caed some roofs
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t claps includin at a smithan ste facility. aving tens o thoandswithoutlectcityt vario time sincehenow began. >> we wereitho poweror foays. u can see how burd a lot of ese hous arethey reallyus have sw in many cas w up intohe windows. t blong w is reay compcating this out her >> it' beenomplicated a all of t regn's airrts. erywhere fro the citto the suburbs, the wning is t same park the car stay inside, sit ght unt the storm passes.>> pretty much everying is cled. u sll s very few people t. >> reporter: t met tras
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prov onehe operabl life les. en ty areunning with lon delays and onl on the underground sections of track. still, if you wt to commute in d.c. theays, it' t onl game in town. >> fally her i am. abt the hours lat skiing up tthe n ofce. >how off. >> why did.c. t souc naonal press and ty skipped er btimore andto philly? we had a resctab sto he. anconserin the sto over theeekend w bt those citieswe got olves really, se propere. th u onef the if not the snowiest cit inhe cntrycheck ou rords forwi. ofcial rtingtati for baltimore ohis fruy 1h, yesterdayy way 15.5 inches. 's a recor foray.
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tal storm 125. whichanks itumbe 1 all time wee got two oers in theop n. laeeke a the o ceer. ave three top t all time storms in o season. check this o. thenever the wkendnd the one we just had comned, 42 es is a record for t nth. ats the rord bout0 we had bacn 2003. bay the w we average about 2 inchesf snow a year. not oy did we ovehoothat for t m w sing9.9 for the sean, fr times the noal amount ofw it' on february 1h. byhe way today's the recd for the 1983lid. goingk to 188 uh, w rank numb onell tim werokehe rord back in996 at2.5 and theumber 3 mar
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was set j recently i002 and 23,8.1. ok0s 60s gos ready to ersht the 70s no dou. we'lle in 8inch ttory at some point by nexteek, for sure by the end o theeaso we thought you'd get theulk of this. it turnedut you wound up wh r forast. in ma locions 20 to 22 in baltire county. cif sou glen,4.5. ings m9. essex 22.3. dersburg, 24. weminstere in wit 26 ines ofnow. in hard county. elkrge i the las storm cong iith 16. year. th i a two-s 5ay total ofver0 ihes.
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l right... forgive, i a tt punch drunk here. he's our storm o the coast he lefverlouds. snowhowers wil break bac inhe mountns. ntedohowou the wide thur here. yesterdai talked about a possible eith the famous paul cossi o their. pressu tt cld equate t a categoryne hurricane. close to tt with belie mlibaressure leve the sto itself, little rculion, almos lik an e here. it auall helped to lock wn theol air. that's good news.the next storm track the el nino pattern that ces of theropical pacic really hitting texas har we not get h witthe nt orm. there's another o in the pipeline. th willeachs tough nt week the nextourays, improvement notantastic but impveme. we're arage today tomrow satday. ghs the mid-30s and lows in the teens so a melti pross ding the
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day. reeezi icing pcess ernit. 34nd 2 the sits on suny. moayerno evening anotroundf swill try to rolln. maybe lig to modat sno what that an? shouldn't ve snowmoun atthis point. it's g toe lik anytng we h inhe p weekut plan for some accumulating snow next ek. here's kimrownith traffic >> we he road hazar reported t are th rht lane is bngak away due t hig pilesf sw. webo route75 bw parkway northbound, that r is close wire downn the intsectn, northointoulevard. cides ar cin aundthe area nthbod 8 and mount carmel road. that's reported as a disabled vee. weaverash in essexouth
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rylandnue. columbia a cra sll on t sce. he balmoreity, a pairf crhe on the jfx northbod. phe ii ohe snow erg pl is in pla. no parnglong desnated snow emergenc rtes. you can getor informaon them at 4-396-snow. gan d jamieack to you check outideoe wt show you this morning. just got these picture in eay yesterday. a rely good example of what 's le t berivi in t afrnoo we told you yesrday to stay off the roads. buto we have that vid? alrigh.. i s just told we don' havet. i apologi. no wllovento diffent deo. w about a 50-caile-up. >>et's go bko the whi use can weo th. here's the whi hou.
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wo look a tt. breezy cditions. >>y offhe roa. it obvious to s let's g to t 50-r leobviously sck sno cover t ads. beinglamefor is hug acdent that happened iwilliamsburgirgia. sen pple were taken to t hoit but luckily they all d mor injuries. intetate 64oo like a delition der. let'sw you picre a goobye. od morning america coming over 7:00. these e pture from carro county in mchester. beautifuout there. >> we'll sho you a picture o a veryy large icicl we'l lveou whhe puppy. have gat d. we'll see you 9:0
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